Higher Education Past Presidents' Association

Creating a Better Future Through Revisioning Global Higher Education


HEPPAHigher education routinely enjoys the talents, skills and wisdom of brilliant leaders, many of whom served their institutions as presidents for a number of years. When they step out of the presidency they take with them a broad view and deep understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and challenges facing today's higher education system as well as the experience to effectuate change, thereby empowering them to create a more perfect system. Knowing the problems currently confronting higher education and the possibilities yet to be explored, they are in a unique position to guide a world that is hungry for moral education and ethical leadership. The Higher Education Past Presidents' Association will serve as a global forum and think-tank for these distinguished US and world leaders to address the future of higher education and, through it, the problems of the world. Its members will study specific problems, along with the numerous opportunities open to higher education today, and draft white papers to be shared with interested audiences around the globe.

Mission, Vision & Core Values

The mission of the Higher Education Past Presidents' Association (HEPPA) is to serve as an authoritative voice in shaping quality global higher education in the twenty-first century.

The Higher Education Past Presidents' Association envisions a world in which higher education becomes the major voice addressing the problems of the present and the opportunities of the future.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Global Focus