Dr. Betty SiegelFrom 1981 to 2006, Dr. Betty L. Siegel served as the first woman to head an institution in the 35-unit University System of Georgia. In addition, she holds the record as the longest serving woman president of a public university in the nation. Her legacy goes beyond buildings and programs. Dr. Betty L. Siegel's leadership is a letter written on the hearts of the men and woman she led for twenty-five years.

In her own words, Dr. Siegel wants Kennesaw State University to be a "University that matters, not just for what we teach, but how we teach people to live the good life, which is a life of service." When asked what she would like her epitaph to be, she says with the tenacity of an Appalachian child, "I want to be known as a minister for education."

As we learn more about who Betty Siegel is, and where she came from, we will see why retirement has not stopped her. She continues to serve Kennesaw State University as President Emeritus, and the world as an Endowed Chair of the Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character. We will see where she is going with Ethical Leadership and Character Education as she continues to ask herself the final question on the KSU Rock of Remembrance: What is the meaning?

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