Dr. Betty L. Siegel often quotes Ethel Barrymore:

“A good life is like a good play – it ought to have a satisfying third act."

Born in the hills of Kentucky, Betty Faye Lentz began Act One – The Early Years (1931-1952). A life rich in influence, Dr. Betty L. Siegel was surrounded by strong women and tenacious men who inspired excellence in the first "act" of her life.

In Act Two – Betty Siegel was Breaking the Barriers (1953-2006) during the productive years of her life. She had a series of “firsts” as she led in education and raised her family. She was the first female dean at a large university and the first woman president of Georgia Regents System of 34 colleges and universities.

Betty L. Siegel began her next "act" as she transitioned from President Siegel to President Emeritus and Distinguished Chair of the Siegel Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Character. In Act Three, Wintering into Wisdom (2006-Present), Dr. Betty Lentz Siegel has taken her message worldwide spreading the good news as a "minister for education."