Act Three - (2006-Present)

Wintering Into Wisdom

Wintering Into WisdomDr. Siegel retired from the Presidency of Kennesaw State University in 2006 to an Endowed Chair of the Siegel Institute of Leadership, Ethics and Character. She also serves as the President Emeritus of Kennesaw State University, representin g the institution nationally and internationally.

Dr. Betty continues her morning Waffle House ritual and goes into her office at the Town Point complex every day she is not traveling and speaking. Betty Siegel believes that psychological age is more important than chronological age, and she does not think about her actual age. She thinks in terms of thinking young and being productive. She loves to quote Ethel Barrymore: “A good life is like a good play - that it ought to have a satisfying third act.” Siegel says:

I’m in the third act. And I think that I’m really interested in generativity. I love the idea of continuing to be very excited by work. And true creativity, someone has said, is work that goes someplace joyful. I’m very joyful about what I’m doing.

I like to think about what could be the possibilities. Someone has said that pessimists curse the wind, optimists believe the winds will change, realists adjust the sails. And I like to think that I’m a realistic optimist. I’m constantly readjusting the sails in order to keep on being optimistic so I don’t think in terms of regrets, I think about my blessings. I’ve been blessed.

Betty Fay Lentz Siegel is often asked how she would write her own epitaph and returns again to her strong female role models:

My great grandmother’s epitaph is, “She served her country well,” you like that? My grandmother’s epitaph is,“Servant to God, Community, and to Family”. Good epitaph. Now my mother’s epitaph is, "Perfect woman, nobly planned to warm, to comfort and command. I would like to be known as "A minister for education."